Christ’s Hope International is dedicated to caring  for AIDS-affected, orphaned, and vulnerable children. Our sole purpose is to go into areas devastated by AIDS and help children who would normally be institutionalized, abandoned, or trafficked stay in a family unit.

This fall, Christ’s Hope is partnering with Saburi Boyer – a child sponsor, missions trip alumnus, local entrepreneur, and now, star dancer for the SwingShift and the Stars 2018 season! We are so excited for this opportunity to raise money on the SwingShift and the Stars platform where 100% of the funds donated will go directly to helping us care for the AIDS-affected, orphaned, and vulnerable children in Sub-Saharan Africa!

SwingShift and the Stars is a local fundraising opportunity that creates a partnership between local nonprofits and the community through high-quality entertainment and friendly competition. Join our Christ’s Hope family for a dance competition, lip-sync battle, live music, and an exciting night to benefit the AIDS-affected child!