Ministry CarePoints

Caring for the AIDS-affected child means far more than just providing a warm meal, school books, or just telling a child that, “Jesus loves you.” Instead, it means considering each aspect of a child’s developmental needs: educational, physical, spiritual and emotional, and then providing solutions to address those problems.

Through Christ’s Hope International’s Ministry CarePoints we provide the life changing care, message of hope and continuous community support required to meet these needs!

What is a Ministry CarePoint?

A Ministry CarePoint is a strategically located center within a community that has a high AIDS infection rate. Our Ministry CarePoints provide a place where children can receive the material and spiritual care they need. In doing so, this ensures that orphaned and vulnerable children can live with an extended family member or in a foster family

Our Strategy

Our comprehensive Ministry CarePoint model is concise:  Ministry CarePoint Champions facilitate the launch of a new CarePoint through their financial support. A Church Partner steps forward and supports the CarePoint through prayer, advocacy, and sending teams to help at the CarePoint. Child Sponsors support each child who attends the CarePoint. Our model allows everyone to play a part in sustaining the CarePoint.

How Do We Know The System Works?

Each CarePoint must meet Christ’s Hope International’s standards of effective care as measured through outcome evaluations. The following program attributes are assessed at each Ministry CarePoint.

Ministry CarePoint Impact

Age Appropriate Schooling

Tutoring and Remedial Assistance

Access to Educational Tools and Vocational Training

Teacher’s Assessments and Progress Evaluation

Safe Family Environment

Nutritious Meals

Ongoing Medical Evaluations

HIV Testing and Monitoring

Hygiene Standards Education

AIDS Awareness Training

Home Evaluation and Monitoring

Evangelism and Discipleship

Bible Study and Prayer

Personalized Counseling

Genesis Design Sexual Purity Training and Instruction

Counseling and Mentoring

Ministry CarePoint Outcomes

Children are cared for and loved in a Christ-centered and nurturing environment.

Monitored physical development and annual physical exams ensure long-term health for children.

Children grow up to break the cycle of AIDS and poverty in their communities.

Children live longer lives and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

There is a reduction in the spread of AIDS through the continent of Africa.

The gospel is shared and received, and lives are committed to honoring God and sharing the gospel with others.