How Will You Join Team CYCLEBREAKER?

At Christ’s Hope we believe that CYCLEBREAKERS are people who learn to make wise choices, including the decision to choose a better future. Those choices then help them take responsibility for the generation they create and to break the cycle of AIDS and poverty in their lives. Every day we equip children to become CYCLEBREAKERS in their communities.


Simply put, anyone who is involved in the work of Christ’s Hope International in caring for AIDS affected children and their families is a part of Team CYCLEBREAKER.

Whether you are a Child Sponsor, a Church Partner, or a Ministry CarePoint Champion – you are a part of Team CYCLEBREAKER.

Whether you are a cyclist racing to raise funds for Christ’s Hope, someone who visits a Ministry CarePoint on a short-term mission trip, or someone who prays daily for the ministry – you are a part of Team CYCLEBREAKER.

There are countless ways to get involved and be on the team.

Team CYCLEBREAKER is a movement of the Body of Christ, a growing community of people using their various gifts and abilities to bring the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to children and families infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

How will you join the team? Learn more at the Team CYCLEBREAKER website today!