Partner with a Christ’s Hope Ministry CarePoint

A church partner is a body of believers who are committed to the mission and ministry of Christ’s Hope International. This community becomes an invaluable member of our care team through A.C.T.S.

Advocate – A Church Partner advocates for our children by regularly providing us with the opportunity to share about the ministry of Christ’s Hope, the progress of the children and the improvements being made. 

Child Sponsorship – A Church Partner allows Christ’s Hope to seek Child Sponsors from among members of the congregation.

Teams – One of the biggest differences between our program and typical sponsorship programs is that a Church Partner commits to periodically send a team to visit and work with the children and staff that they support; this is instrumental in helping to develop long-term relationships between the children and the congregation. 

Supplemental Funding – Where possible, a Church Partner helps provide supplemental “gap funding” to keep the CarePoint operating. The typical cost to care for a child through Christ’s Hope’s Ministry CarePoint model is around $65.00 per month, but our base child sponsorship is $38.00 a month and only covers 55% of the actual cost. Church Partners who are able can dramatically impact the likelihood of long-term success by helping to provide all or part of the funding necessary to cover the “gap” in funding between what sponsorship provides and the actual costs. 

For the children, the result of this process and partnership is that they end up staying in a family unit that knows and loves them, they gain a long-term praying and caring group of friends and advocates, and they receive the educational, physical, spiritual, and emotional care they need to break the cycle of AIDS and poverty. For the Church Partner, the result is a positive relationship with a reliable partner and the satisfaction of knowing that they are answering God’s call to care for orphaned and vulnerable children. 

Current Church Partners

West Side Community Church
Watershed Church
Tomoka Christian Church
Sojourn Church
Oasis Church
New Life Lincoln Park
Mount of Olives
Five Points
Epiphany Lutheran Church and School
City on a Hill
Christ Community
Calvary Reformed