Becca Prange Ministry Center

2016-2017 Capital Campaign


What is the campaign for?

Preserving Families

Christ’s Hope International’s model to keep orphaned and vulnerable children in families has been proven to have a great impact on the lives of children across Africa. Through our Ministry CarePoint model we are able to lift the financial burden for families with a child. Children have consistently entered the program as vulnerable, malnourished and without hope – but with the Lord’s provision they find safety, healthy, and wholeness in Christ. The need is still great but Christ’s Hope International is bringing hope to Africa one family at a time


Serving Children

The children we care for take part in an extremely well developed academic and enrichment program at our Ministry CarePoints.

They are not just surviving – they’re thriving!

Our passionate staff are dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty, HIV and AIDS in children’s lives.


Serving the Entire Community

The proposed Becca Prange Ministry Care Center will become a foundation for the local community to help break the cycle of AIDS, poverty and spiritual darkness.


Ministry Center DetailsPrange-2

The Becca Prange Ministry Care Center, will give up to 250 children access, multiple times each week, to receive hot, nutritious meals, tutoring, discipleship, Genesis Design life skills, and access to medical, emotional, and physical support.

The Ministry Care Center will also provide:

  • Care and Compassion
  • Clean Water Resources
  • A Newly Planted Church
  • Training and Development


“Reaching the many AIDS affected, orphaned and vulnerable children in this area is one of our greatest challenges.”

Martin Chamah, Christ’s Hope International Director, Kenya


Why Now? Why Ombeyi?

Ombeyi, an agricultural region located in western Kenya, has a high population of AIDS infected and affected families with limited access to medical care and critical resources.

A lack of facilities remains one of our biggest limitations to reaching more children in this area. A small, local school facility served us well for years – but it’s far too small to meet current needs!

There is nothing like the proposed Ministry Care Center anywhere in the area. It will serve as a foundation for the local community as Christ’s Hope helps break the cycle of AIDS, poverty, and spiritual brokenness.


In Honor of Becca Prange, Who Loves Jesus

Becca-5Becca Prange lived from June 21, 2001 to January 26, 2015, and she inspires this project. Her love of life, her strong faith, and her bravery in the face of terminal cancer resulted in amazing, unexpected good. In her honor, many have given to help Kenyan children they may never meet.


Will You Join Us?

The Becca Prange Ministry Care Center is poised to become a key way Christ’s Hope International brings the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Will you join us?

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